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TipToe To Tyranny Part 1: First Steps explores the world situation just prior to what the WHO called the Covid-19 Pandemic. We examine the narratives and mechanics that had already been put in place by governments, big tech and world corporations. (Run Time: approx. 1hr, 18mins)
TipToe To Tyranny is a series by Award Winning Filmmaker, Chris Harrigan, that begins pre-pandemic and takes the viewer all the way to the Canadian Freedom Convoy and covers everything in between. From mandates to lockdowns, along with the people pushing back, this filmmaker found himself in the middle of all of it, every step of the way.
Chris Harrigan is a Producer/Director/Writer form Eastern Canada, with a background in Cinematography and Post Production. After over 20 years in the mainstream, having worked on hundreds of productions for Broadcasters such as; Discovery Channel, Documentary Channel, HBO, FOX, ABC, VICE, CBC, CTV, The Trailer Park Boys, and many more. Despite a successful career with many awards and nominations, Chris felt a sense of urgency in the world that led him to leave his career in the mainstream to pursue his heart's interest in getting the truth out about our current situation.
Talented cinematographer, editor, director and producer Chris Harrigan, uses his extensive experience in filmmaking in order to bring you this eye-opening documentary, TipToe to Tyranny. With a distinguished career which includes award nominated and award-winning projects, Chris chose to abandon the confines of the mainstream in order to work on projects that may help humanity break free from the manufactured cage that binds us all.
Having witnessed first hand how media works to mold the collective mind, opinions and dreams of an entire species, Chris chooses to use his inside knowledge and expertise of modern media in order to benefit humanity and contribute to the freeing of our minds.

Traveling to different locations to bring testimony from various influential voices in the freedom movement, he sits down with Del BigTree, G. Edward Griffin, Max Igan, Jeff Berwick, Cynthia McKinney, Dan Dicks and many others. His conversations with people from his home province of New Brunswick also touch upon the battle between the most powerful lobby in the world and a small group of dedicated citizens who worked to stop mandatory vaccination bills in NB. Here is the story of humanity on its quest to stop the most ambitious and enslaving machine of our time, the pharmaceutical technocracy and one world government. TipToe to Tyranny takes you through the doorway that shows the darker side of the strings that pull the direction of our world in an attempt to steer us in a brighter direction for the generations of tomorrow.

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Jeff Berwick

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About Chris

Chris Harrigan has been working in the television industry for nearly two decades as producer, director, offline editor, online editor, director of photography, and camera operator. Over the years, Chris has contributed to news, sports and music broadcasts as well as fictional series and documentaries for local, national and international broadcasters.

Most recently, Chris has spearheaded independent projects touching upon cannabis oil, shamanic medicines and the role of government. Chris's independent film entitled "Paradis de Boue!", in which we follow Anthony Colas as he becomes the first person to surf the Petitcodiac River since the opening of the causeway gates, earned a "La Vague" award for best short film at the Festival International du Cinema Francophone en Acadie (FICFA).

Using the skillset he's acquired over his career, Chris has emerged as  a "one man show" producing, directing, filming and editing his own content in order to bring obscure and wonderous subjects to a wider audience. This has led Chris to adventures in Peru, Mexico and Ecuador in a continuous search for eye-opening stories that are not covered in the mainstream media.

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Trippin’ With Leigh

Field Producer/Director Peru,
Swearnet Productions

The Freest City In The World?

Appearances by Chris

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Chris's footage of the Canadian truckers' protest is unlike anything shown in mainstream media.

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